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“Recognized for its artistic excellence and technical rigor, the production company Fontes Realizações Artísticas, founded in 2001, manages to align language experimentation with a wide audience reach. His more than 80 projects reached one million and six hundred thousand viewers.
The shows, based on research and ongoing work, often unfold into new projects of a pedagogical, documentary and social nature. It has been actively involved in the formation of new audiences and concentrated efforts to expand access to art for any and all audiences.
He currently has in his repertoire the theatrical shows “A Árvore”, “In this Crazy World in this Bright Night”, “Contrações” and “Love, Love, Love”, which alternate between tours and seasons. Brazilian Music”, “Violeiros do Brasil” and “Toda Quinta”, in addition to other preservation and memory projects with the objective of collaborating in the construction of the identity of Brazilian contemporary art”.


Project | Failure issue

With Otávio Muller in the cast, texts by Daniel Belmonte and Fabrício Branco, technical direction by André Prado and artistic direction by Gabriel Fontes Paiva.

While it does not appear in person due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the play Questão de Fault had its creation process open to the public, online

Project | The tree

Idealization and interpretation: Alessandra Negrini
Text by Sílvia Gomez
Creation and scripting: Ester Laccava
Directed by: Ester Laccava and João Wainer
Production Management: Gabriel Fontes Paiva
Realization: Sources Artistic Achievements
The show is a hybrid audiovisual product that mixes the languages of cinema and theater. It was recorded at Teatro Faap where it held a virtual season with 24 presentations between February and April 2020.

Project | Guitarists of Brazil - Festival  Online 

Virtual Festival where masters invite young guitarists to  


With Tavinho Moura and Fabrício Conde, Adelmo Arcoverde and Laís de Assis, Passoca and Neymar Dias, Roberto Corrêa and Cacai Nunes, Ivan Vilela and Bruno Sanches, Paulo Freire and João Paulo Amaral, Pereira da  Viola and Ricardo Vignini.

2021 - 2021
Project | 15 Years Repertoire Show Grupo 3 de Teatro

In celebration of the 15th anniversary of the creation of Grupo 3 de Teatro, Itaú Cultural received the company in its online theatrical programming. The show featured an audiovisual adaptation of the show Contrações with live broadcast, the exhibition of the award-winning record Love, Love, Love and the play Neste Mundo Louco, Nesta Noite Brilhante won a web series format, divided into five episodes directed together with photographer, filmmaker and documentary maker João Wainer in partnership with the company The special action also included the launch of a digital book about this trajectory, signed by critic Valmir Santos, with support from Itaú Cultural.

Project | In This Crazy World On This Bright Night

    With Débora Falabella and Yara de Novaes Directed by Gabriel Fontes Paiva

The show premiered at Teatro SESC ANCHIETA in the city of São Paulo in August 2019 and, during its creation process, passed through Santa Cruz de La Sierra, Bolivia, with dramatic reading in Spanish. Itinerancy that resulted in the partnership with the musical group Las Majas both for reading about Bolivia and for the debut season in São  Paul. Soon after, he performed a short popular season at Teatro João Caetano in January 2020, performed at Teatro VIVO and an online web series in celebration of Grupo 3 de Teatro's 15 years in 2020.

Project | contractions

Since 2013, the show has performed over 250 performances between seasons in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba, Brasília, Belo Horizonte, La Paz (Bolivia) and participation in Festivals – Porto  happy  in  Scene  and national circulation in Vitória, Limeira,  Piracicaba,  Pirassununga, International Theater Festival Santa Cruz de La Sierra (Bolivia), Espírito Santo do Pinhal, Fernandópolis, Votuporanga, São José dos Campos, Sorocaba, Campinas, Ipatinga, Recife, Curitiba, Campinas, Goiânia, São Luiz, Salvador and João Pessoa . In 2020 held online season to commemorate 15 years of Grupo 3 de Teatro in 2020.


With Débora Falabella, Yara de Novaes, Augusto Madeira, Alexandre Ciolletti and Matheus Monteiro

Director Erik Lenate


Teatro Oi Futuro – Rio de Janeiro – January to March 2017 Teatro VIVO – São Paulo – March 2018 and in 2020 held an online broadcast in celebration of the 15 years of Grupo 3 de Teatro in 2020.

Project | Every Thursday

Musical programming project at Teatro Vivo, premiered in March 2020 with Hermeto Pascoal and the group, and already includes presentations by Yamandú Costa, Renato Borghetti and Trio Corrente for the post coronavirus pandemic.

Music curator Myriam Taubkin artistic direction Gabriel Fontes Paiva.

Project | Brazil - Cuba Connection

With Omara Portuondo, João Donato, Fabiana Cozza, Toninho Ferragutti, Camerata Romeu, Pepe Cisneros, Gastón Joya, Julito Padrón, Oliver Valdés, Tiago Costa, Swami Jr, Edson Alves and Felipe Roseno

Musical direction Myriam Taubkin artistic direction Gabriel Fontes Paiva


Alfa Theater on April 20, 21 and 22, 2018.

Project | back home

With Alessandra Negrini, Igor Kovalewski, Ivan Bellangero, João Carlos Filho, Mauricio Agrela and Rodrigo de Castro

Direction: Regina Duarte



Eva Herz Theater – São Paulo - from October 3rd to December 5th, 2017

Project | Mars, are you there?

With Selma Egrei, Michelle Ferreira and Jorge Emil Text by Silvia Gomez and Direction by Gabriel Paiva


MASP Theater – São Paulo – 08 week season

Project | Hortense A Velha (2017)


With Grace Gianoukas

Direction Fred Mayrink

Text Gabriel Chalita       

Project | a kind of alaska  


With Yara de Novaes, Miriam Rinaldi and Jorge Emil Directed by Gabriel Paiva, the show premiered at the Cultura Inglesa Festival and won the Zé Renato Award.


MASP Theater – São Paulo – 08 week season Caixa Cultural Rio de Janeiro – 2017

Caixa Cultural Brasília - 2018 Caixa Cultural Curitiba – 2018


Project | 100 years of Boy the String Genius

With Guinga, Henrique Cazes, Marcello Gonçalves, Yamadu Costa, Caixa Cubo Trio (Henrique Gomide, Noa Stroeter and João Fideles), Moderna Tradição (Izaías Bueno de Almeida, Israel Bueno de Almeida, Benjamim Taubkin, Lula Alencar and Ari Colares), Xênia France and William Held.

Creation: Myriam Taubkin, Gabriel Paiva, Rafael Veríssimo, Lucas Nobile e. Henry Gomide. 

Directed by Myriam Taubkin and scenic direction by Gabriel Fontes Paiva


Theater Paulo  Autran, Sesc Pinheiros, September 2016

Project | The Last Session (2013/2015)


With Laura Cardoso, Nivea Maria, Sylvio Zilber, Etty Fraser, Sonia Guedes, Miriam Mehler, Gésio Amadeu, Gabriela Rabelo and Yunes Chami

Odilon Wagner direction

Frei Caneca Theater – São Paulo - January to March 2014

Teatro Raul Cortez FECOMERCIO – São Paulo - from March 27th to July 26th, 2015

NET Bangú Theater – Rio de Janeiro - July 20th to 28th 2017

NET Copacabana - Rio de Janeiro - from August 11 to September 17, 2017

Teatro Imperator – Rio de Janeiro – from September 22nd to October 1st.

Project | 4th In the Mira of Brazilian Music  


With Daniel Grajew (piano, keyboards, accordion), Décio 7 (drums, percussion, programming), Denis Duarte (voice, percussion, programming), Gil Duarte (trombone, voice, effects), Guizado (trumpet, effects), Marcio Arantes (bass, guitar, voice, programming), Tatiana Parra (voice), Tiganá Santana (voice, guitar).

Musical direction Myriam Taubkin artistic direction Gabriel Fontes Paiva


São Paulo Cultural Center, August 2015

Project | 3rd In the Sight of Brazilian Music

With Bruno Tessele (drums), Jam Da Silva (percussions, effects and voice), Juliana Perdigão (clarinet, vocals), Juliano Holanda (guitar, bass, viola, vocals), Lucas Santtana (guitars, flute, vocals), Luísa Maita (voice), Marcos Paiva (double bass) and Zé Godoy (piano, keyboards, accordion).

Musical direction by Myriam Taubkin and artistic direction by Gabriel Fontes Paiva.


Ibirapuera Auditorium on October 10th and 11th.

Project | arrangers

With Experimental Orchestra of Coral Paulistano Repertoire Conductor: Maestro Tiago Pinheiro

Artistic direction by Myriam Taubkin and Benjamin Taubkin

Project | Brazilian guitarists


Violeiros do Brasil (2008/2012 - London, Cambridge, Belgium, Curitiba, Recife, Belo Horizonte, Brasília and São Paulo)

With Tavinho Moura, Adelmo Arcoverde, Almir Sater, Passoca, Zé Mulato and Cassiano, Roberto Corrêa, Rogério Gullin, Pena  Branca, Ivan Vilela, Paulo Freire, Brás da Viola and Pereira da  Viola.

Project | 2nd In the Mira of Brazilian Music

With Kiko Dinucci (guitar and voice), Criolo (vocals), DJ Marco (scratches), Laura Lavieri (vocals), Antônio Loureiro (drums), João Taubkin (electric bass). Lula Alencar (accordion and piano) and Antônio de Pádua (trumpet and percussion).

Music direction by Myriam Taubkin and  artistic direction by Gabriel Fontes Paiva.



April 2011, Ibirapuera Auditorium.

Project | Love and Other Strange Rumors

Creation and Realization
With Débora Falabella, Maurício de Barros, Priscila Jorge, Rodolfo Vaz
Direction: Yara de Novaes


National Circulation


Project | 1st Edition In the crosshairs of Brazilian Music

With Fabio Sá (double bass), Hugo Linns (dynamic guitar), Lucas dos Prazeres (percussion), Lurdez da Luz (MC), Pedro Ito (drums), Ricardo Herz (violin), Rodrigo Campos (guitar, cavaquinho and vocals), Thiago França (sax and flute)

Music direction by Myriam Taubkin and  artistic direction by Gabriel Fontes Paiva.


November 2010, Ibirapuera Auditorium.

Project | the dark continent

Creation and Realization
With Ângelo Antônio, Débora Falabella and Yara de Novaes
Direction: Aderbal Freire Filho

Caixa Cultural Theater - Nelson Rodrigues Theater (July to August)

Project | Book Release - The Dark Continent

Text Marco Antônio de La Parra Review
Translation Silvia Gomes
Editor Grupo3 de Teatro
Victor Bittow cover
Graphic design and publishing Acará & Editors
Photos Lenise Pinheiro and Rodrigo Hipholito


Project | Bernard Shaw in the 21st Century

Production São Paulo
Cycle of readings and debates of four short and unpublished plays by George Bernard Shaw
Directed by: Márcio Aurélio, Domingos Nunez, Yara de Novaes and Maria Thais

Local Cultura Inglesa Theater – Pinheiros


Project | FIAT STRADA Launch Show -  Brazilian guitarists

Production and Realization
with Almir Sater, Ivan Vilela, Pena Branca, Pereira da Viola and Tavinho Moura.


Itaipu Plant - Foz do Iguaçu

Project | what i would like to say

"What I would like to say" (2008)
Production São Paulo
With Luis Melo, Bianca Ramoneda and Márcio Vito
Direction: Márcio Abreu

Project | Lampiãozinho and Maria Cute

Production São Paulo
With Enedson Gomes, Eunice Bráulio, Joubert Oliveira, Kênya Costa, Raíssa Alves, Wagner Braga Direction Yuri Simon

Project | the woman who laughs


With Eloisa Helena, Fernando Alves Pinto and Plínio Soares
Direction Yara de Novaes
Text Paulo Santoro


Alpha Theater

Project | Idiot in the Land of Absurd

Creation and Realization
With Helio Cícero, Priscila Jorge, Fausto Franco, Eliseu Paranhos, Sylvia Jatobá, Chico Cardoso, Márcia Nunes, Xuco Abreu, Liv Izar and Julio César Pompeu
Direction and Adaptation Domingos Nunez
Crisantempo Room (June to July)

Project | Contemporary Art Exhibition of Minas Gerais

For six days, it gathered 26 works in multiple languages involving around 300 people, from Lô Borges to the ritual of the Xacriabá Indians.



Sesc Pompeii

Project | the dark continent

Creation and Realization

With Ângelo Antônio, Débora Falabella and Yara de Novaes
direction Aderbal Freire Filho


FAAP Theater (April to June) - Tour (August to November)

Project | Industry Day - FIESP


Creation and Realization

with Alceu Valença, Arnaldo Antunes, Fernanda Montenegro, Nana Vasconcelos, Trio Manari, Renato Borguetti, Spock Frevo, Uakit and Mônica Salmaso
musical direction Myriam Taubkin
scenic direction Gabriel Fontes Paiva and Yara de Novaes

Project | Celebration of the 10 of Russell Reynolds in Brazil  


Production Direction and Scenic Direction
Curated by Myriam Taubkin
with Fernanda Montenegro, Renato Borghetti, UAKTI, Myriam Taubkin, Fábio Zanon, Villa-Lobos, Nana



Fasano House Location

Project | Embers in the  Freezer  and Land in Transit


SESC Ipiranga tour and season
with Serginho Groisman, Fabiana Gugli and actors from the Ópera seca company
direction Gerald Thomas


SESC Ipiranga and Sesc interior circuit of São Paulo

Project | stone in the pockets ​​

Executive production
with Marco Antônio Pâmeo and Rubens Caribé
direction Domingos Nunes



Crawne Theater - São Paulo

Project |  Villa-Lobos Pixinguinha Luís Gonzaga and Tom Jobin


With Ney Matogrosso, Paulinho da Viola, Dominguinhos, Fábio Zanon, Quintet Villa Lobos, Cris Aflalo, Ana Luiza and Luis Felipe Gama. musical direction Myriam Taubkin

Stage direction Márcio Aurélio Teatro Alfa – São Paulo

CD, Book and DVD Release - Um Sopro de Brasil (2006)


With Paulo Moura, Altamiro Carrilho, Maurício Einhor, among others 

Musical direction Myriam Taubkin


SESC Pinheiros – São Paulo

Grande Teatro Palácio das Artes - Belo Horizonte

Project | The Extraordinary Light Through the Window  

Creation and Realization

with Fernanda Montenegro
direction Yara de Novaes

Project | 75 years of Roche in Brazil

Creation and Realization
with Paulinho da Viola, Dominguinhos, Fábio Zanon, Quintet Villa Lobos, Cris Aflalo, Ana Luiza and Luis Felipe Gama.
musical direction Myriam Taubkin
scenic direction Márcio Aurélio

Alfa Theater - São Paulo

Project | International Anthropophagy Meeting - EIA!


Production Management
With Beth A. Conklin (USA), Charles Andrews Perrone (USA), Christopher Dunn (USA), Gilles d' Staal (France), Gonzalo Aguilar (Argentina), Jean François Chougnet (France), Manuela Carneiro da Cunha (Portugal) , Jorge Mautner (RJ), José Miguel Wisnik (SP). Curated by José Celso Martinez Corrêa
SESC Pompeii       

Project | The Lady's Saga  Coffee


Production São Paulo
with Ilvio Amaral and Maurício Canguçu
direction Marília Pera




Folha Theater - São Paulo-SP

Project | CD, Book and DVD Release - Violões do Brasil


With Guinga, Zé Menezes, among others curated by Myriam Taubkin.

Palácio das Artes- Belo Horizonte- MG Teatro Tuca- São Paulo-SP

Project | a pornographic relationship

Production São Paulo
Encena group




Ruth Escobar Theater - São Paulo-SP

Project | A Breath of Brazil


With Hermeto Pascoal, Paulo Moura, Maurício Einhorn, Banda Mantiqueira,

Tavares da Gaita, among others directed by Myriam Taubkin




SESC Pinheiros – São Paulo

Project | The Coordinator

Production São Paulo
Odeon Company




Sérgio Cardoso Theater - São Paulo-SP

Project | what does miller say

Production São Paulo
with Ora Figueiredo, Augusto Madeira, Raquel Iantas, Gilray Coutinho
direction Aderbal Freire Filho;


SESC Consolation

Project | heart bazaar

Production São Paulo
with Regina Duarte
direction José Possi Neto;



Artistic Culture - São Paulo

Project | Peter and Vanda

Executive Production and Tour
with Gabriela Duarte and Daniel Faleiros
direction Cristina Mutarelli

Crawne - Sao Paulo
Sergio Porto - Rio de Janeiro
Sorocaba, Botucatu, Araraquara, São José do Rio Preto, Santos, Campinas, Ribeirão Preto, São José dos Campos, Porto Alegre, Belo Horizonte.

Project | Convent memorial

"Memorial of the Convent" (2003)
Production São Paulo
with Letícia Sabatella
directed by Christiane Jatahy


Sesc Pompeii

Project | Oedipus King



Production Coordination
conducted by Jamil Maluf;




Sao Paulo's city theater

Project | Carmen - Opera


Executive production
Jamil Maluf regency
directed by Carla Camurati;



Sao Paulo's city theater

Project | Hansel and Gretel - Opera


Carioca Production
Jamil Maluf regency
directed by Flávio de Souza;


Sao Paulo's city theater
Municipal Theater of Rio de Janeiro

Project | love and human remains

Production São Paulo
Odeon Company



Sérgio Cardoso Theater